Welcome to my Website!

Someone call Morpheus becasue Tyler Rose has finally learned how to code!


My name is Tyler Rose and I am in my last semester at NCSU looking forward to earning an English BA with a concentration in language, writing, and rhetoric. This is my first coding class and my very first site!

Career Aspirations

I play bass and sing in a reggae-rock band called The Hourglass Kids. My life goal is to maximize the potential of the band and turn it into a touring act in the roots music scene. In the short term, I need a steady day job that allows my nights and weekends to be free to gig as much as possible. This is why it is imperative that I make myself an attractive candidate for employment by demonstrating both written and technical proficiency. Checkout the Spotify page for The Hourglass Kids here Spotify.

Interest in Rhetoric and Design

Running an arts business in today's digital world requires one to be communication and design oriented. Even though I am not a visual artist, it is still important for me to know design principles for the band's social media pages, event flyers, and soon to be launched website. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but you may certainly pick a song by its cover art.

I use rheotirc on a daily basis when it comes to the band. Between captions for content on social media, to email interactions with booking agents and venues, I must be able to communicate the experience that The Hourglass Kids offers to meet band goals. Hopefully these same skills will help me land a day job that will help me pursue my dreams as a musician


When I am not playing music or in schol, you can find me...

Reflections on Graduation

Working towards an English degree has been a valuable experience that has shaped me into the young adult I am today. While the humanities does not necessarily train you for a career, it teaches you how to understand the world around us and how people interact with it. While music is my main career goal, I feel confident applying for a variety of jobs in different fields.